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Sunday News

July 23, 2017

Scripture: Genesis 32:22-28, Romans 8:12-13
Sermon: "Split" by Rusty Benton 


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JESUS ON THE GO  - This summer our Kingdom Kids will be using a "Jesus on the Go" cutout to remind them that Jesus is with them wherever they go. They are encouraged to snap photos of their summer adventures with Jesus. Where did they find Jesus? Where did they take Jesus? We would love the entire congregation to join in on this fun adventure. Jesus on the Go has his own Facebook page: PPC Jesus on the Go and his own Instagram page: PPC Jesus on the Go. Like both pages and stay tuned for special "Where is Jesus?" pictures. Answer the question correctly and you never know what might happen. We want you to post your photos as well. Not into social media? That's ok. Write a note and tell us about your adventures. Are you ready? Let's have some fun with the Kingdom Kids and Jesus on the Go! Check out the photos on Jesus on the Go facebook page or go to our photo gallery page.

PPC IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE another exciting opportunity to worship! The Journey (J9) will begin on September 10th at 9 AM in the Sanctuary! The new service will feature a looser order of worship, more varied styles of music and be a more relaxed service. Our pastors, Rusty and Katie, will preach the message and the Praise Team will lead the music. The new Sunday schedule will be: The Journey (J9) 9:00 AM- 9:45 AM Sunday School 10 AM-10:45 AM Traditional Worship 11 AM-12 PM We can use your help with singing, playing an instrument, technology, set-up, advertising, childcare and so much more. Pray and consider how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity to spread the Good News! You can contact any Marnie Gallagher 704-661-1352 for more information. Can’t wait to see you on The Journey!