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Recognizing the importance of continuing education opportunities for all adults, Philadelphia offers a variety of classes. Eight different classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:15 am. Other classes are offered periodically, including long-term Believe Bible Studies.  Adults also participate regularly in Bible studies led by our Pastor and Outreach Minister. These are offered throughout the school year as part of our Let's Connect  program and during the summer as part of our Vacation Bible School.  All adults are welcome in all classes at any time.

Adult Sunday School Classes

  • SEEKERS - Ed. Bldg, Lower Level, Rm 102
  • DISCIPLES - Chapel Bldg., upper level, Rm C14 
  • DISCOVERY - Chapel Bldg., upper level, Rm C13
  • FRED BROWN/HARKEY - Ed Bldg, upper level, Rm 211
  • FUSION  -  Chapel Bldg, upper level, Rm C15
  • PAIRS & SPARES  -  Bigham , lower level, Rm 1
  • PHILADELPHIA  -  Heritage Room (hall beside sanctuary)
  • RALPH LEETE/FELLOWSHIP  -  Chapel Bldg, Historical Room , Rm C8
  • ROSS & FRIENDS/HOPE  - Chapel Bldg, lower level, Rm C6